Indigo Wild - Zum Clean - Laundry Soap - Frankincense Myrrh 64 oz

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We hate to burst the bubble on laundry detergents. They leave more stains on your clothes and the earth than they remove - nasty stuff like synthetic foaming agents, phosphates, petrochemicals and artificial uglies. Clean with the real deal - Zum Clean Laundry Soap - not a phony bologna detergent, but a true soap. We make vegetable oil soap and add 100% pure essential oils, which naturally soften and scent fabric so there's no need for fabric softener. Low-sudsing, highly concentrated and great for high-efficiency machines, Zum Clean washes 32 loads in top-loading washing machines and 64 loads in high-efficiency machines. What's Inside? Saponified 100% coconut oil, sodium borate, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils, fragrance oil and vegetable glycerin.