Reeves International - Geomag - Proteon KOR Swomp -103 Pieces

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Swomp is a Proteon. Geomag KOR Proteon are five characters with differing rocky, swampy and volcanic native environments. These characters are differentiated by the color of their covers and masks. There are three developmental stages that give life to different characters: from Aki, in the more simple stage, to Taurex, intermediate stage and Blatta, Vulkrum and Swomp who have evolved to the more advanced stage. 103 pieces include: 1 non-magnetic steel sphere, 8 triangular magnetic components, 18 square magnetic components, 8 triangular covers, 10 medium square covers,10 small flat covers, 2 polar square covers, 1 mask, 2 weapons, 20 ball joints, 3 hands/heads, 4 pieces to make two propeller weapons, 2 wings, 6 legs, 4 feet, and 4 antennas.