Imperial Cat - Neat 'n Tidy Cat Large Heavy Duty Litter Mat - 36" x 30" - Black

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The Neat 'n Tidy Litter Mat prevents litter from tracking throughout your home and looks great too! What makes the Neat 'n Tidy Litter Mat effective is its unique, ribbed surface. As your cat steps out of the litter box and onto the mat, the ribbed surface gently opens your cat's paws, allowing litter to fall out and become trapped within the mat's grooves. Neat 'n Tidy Litter Mats feature a solid, non-skid backing that protects your floor from moisture and prevents the mat from sliding out of place. Not just for litter, these mats are multi-purpose, and may be used under food/water bowls, as a welcome mat, or however you please! This litter mat is 36" x 30".