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This puzzle box is a beautiful decorative piece and it stores small items, like your expensive jewelry. This beautifully designed puzzle box will enhance the beauty of your home decor or make the perfect gift! The intarsia puzzle boxes are made from hand carved wood and the colors are all natural. The inside of the wood is carved out to create space for keeping small items like jewelry. The lid of the box is made from many pieces of wood carved and glued together on a wood base. The box has a boned shaped key carved from wood which must be pulled out before the box can be opened. To open the box, you need to find and lift the key, which is located on the edge of the box. Slide the key up and out, slide the cover to left or right and open the lid. Intarsia wood art requires expert craftsmanship. The wood pieces that make up the item are first hand-carved to take the shape of the item. The pieces of wood are then glued to a baseboard. Woods of different colors are used to bring the natural color variations to the item, and no paint or stains are used. No two Intarsia pieces are the same. Wood grains will differ and the shape of each wood may also differ since these are individually carved, making each piece truly unique and beautiful. The picture used is a stock picture of the item and may differ slightly due to the wood grain.