Zucker Feather - Rooster Saddle Patch Feathers - Furnace

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Saddle feathers are the feathers in front of the tail. Both hens and roosters have saddles, but in a rooster the feathers are longer, softer, and pointier. Many fly tiers use saddle feathers to tie make lures with. This style of feather identified as Furnace has naturally rusty color tones. This pretty saddle patch is a gorgeous auburn red with hints of greens and browns. It is approximately 5" across and 12" long from tip to base. The individual feathers will of course range in length. But should be between 1.5" - 10" Long.
SUGGESTED USES: These Feathers can be used in a vast array of projects from Fly Fishing, Fly Tying, Arts & Crafts (including Native American Crafts, D.I.Y School Crafts), or from Costume to Couture (including Cultural Performance Art Costumes, Feather Fashion and Accessories, Feather Jewelry, Carnival Feathers, Mardi Gras Mask Making, Feather Masks, Feather Headdresses, Millinery, and more). These feathers also make great accents in Floral or Wedding Bouquets, Boutonnieres or for Home Decorating accents.