Zucker Feather Products Ostrich Feather Drabs - 4-8" - Ivory

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Selected Ostrich Feather Drabs will range in size from 2" x 4" inches long and are available in a variety of colors for all of your projects. OP9 Ostrich Drabs have wispy hair-like feathers coming out from a stiff center quill (between 1-2 inches long) making the overall width approximately 2-4 inches. These feathers come from the body of the ostrich. This listing is for 1 feather only. SUGGESTED USES: Ostrich Feathers are used for Carnival Costumes, Masks, and Headdresses. Depending on the length, Ostrich feathers are also used in Floral Decor, Wedding Bouquets, Boutonniers, Wedding Decor (Ostrich Feather Eifel Tower or Palm Trees), Home Decor, Holiday Decorations, Gift Wraping Embellishments, Wedding Invitations, Feather Pens, Feather Fashion Design & Accessories, Millinery (hat design), Arts & Crafts, and more.