Wee Forest Folk Miss Ducky with Blue Bonnet Limited Edition

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Annette created Miss Ducky with her bonnet in 1973. Her original basket was filled with dried flowers but it holds seeds. She was retired in 1977. Numbered Limited Edition. One dreary day this past winter, a walk down memory lane led Annette back in time when these old friends gained your love and acceptance. Perhaps they deserve a chance to perform one final encore! To commemorate her 95th birthday, Wee Forest Folk has chosen eight favorites and named them Annette's "Forget-me-nots." They are appearing for a limited time in newly colored garments and special bases so as not to rival your early originals. In order to make Annette's dream come true, Willy used the critters from her personal collection to make a new mold. Unlike the old days when there was no airbrushing, these eight use our more "modernized" method of spraying paint to make the fur, feathers or skin to take on a softer look. Accessories and tails are added as always and two are even wearing spectacles!