Larch Wood - Canada Japanese Larch Heirloom Cutting Board - Ki Small

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The Ki Series was made from a grove of Japanese Larch that was planted in Cape Breton in the '80's. These boards are designed for lightweight, stunning service. The Eastern Canadian Larch is also known locally as Tamarack or Juniper. Larch is a dense, rot resistant wood that has a superior ability to neutralize bacteria. The beauty of the bold grain patterning along with the larches other characteristics make it a superior cutting surface.

Larch Wood Canada specializes in creating beautiful "end grain" cutting boards handmade from Eastern Canadian Larch. The end grain construction of the boards provides a tough yet forgiving surface when it comes to your knife edges.
Wooden Cutting boards are known for their ability to neutralize bacteria.

What is end grain? End Grain is when the individual boards of wood are arranged so that the grain of the wood (the growth rings) runs vertically (up and down). This puts one end of each board up so that the cutting surface is actually the end of many individual pieces of wood. With the grain aligned in this manner (up and down), when the knife strikes the surface during cutting, the grain of the wood actually separates and then closes when the knife is removed. This accounts for the self-healing aspect of the end-grain surface. The wood itself is not cut, but instead you are cutting between the fibers.

Comes with Larch Wood Cutting Board Conditioner!!! When you first purchase your Larch Wood Board we recommend seasoning your board with Larch Wood Cutting Board Conditioner to allow it to adapt to your home or work environment. Apply Larch Wood Cutting Board Conditioner to all surfaces of your board on a weekly basis for the first month. Once the board is seasoned we recommend a monthly treatment to prevent the wood fibers from drying out. To apply, rub a generous coat of the conditioner on the top, sides and bottom with a dry cloth and allow it to absorb. Buff to a shine with a soft dry cloth.