The Cat's Pajamas Knit Short Set - Zanzabar Zebra - Women Large

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This zebra is one cool kid in his fancy hot pink shirt. You will not only be fancy but remain cool and comfortable in this button down PJ short set. We searched for the perfect knit fabric. These are hand-pulled Peruvian Pima cotton, which is known for its silky luster and unbelievably soft hand. We combined that with Modal to get the perfect drape and added Lycra to give it stretch and recovery so they look and feel great with every wear. These PJs are so luxuriously soft you'll never want to change out of them. This pajama set has a snugger fit than our woven PJs. But the stretch gives it the perfect fit every time. This pajama is pre-shrunk but WILL shrink another ~5% when washed. There will be no refunds on returns of washed items!