WoodWick - Aroma Oil - Willow

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Willow - a green fragrance that combines notes of willow blossom and refreshing cool waters. WoodWick Aroma Fragrance Oils are designed for use in the WoodWick Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and have many other uses. You can place some oil in a ceramic lamp ring that sits on a light bulb or put some in a simmering pot to fill a room with scent. The oils can also be used in the water in "rainbow" vacuum cleaners. With conventional vacuums, put some oil on a cotton ball and suck it into the vacuum cleaner bag and it will give off some scent while you vacuum. Another trick is to put several drops of oil on a damp cloth and throw it into the clothes dryer with a load of sheets or other laundry. The sheets or laundry will smell wonderful. Be sure not to apply directly to the sheets as it will leave an oil stain.