Good Vibrations - Trimmer Strap - Weight Absorbing - Zero Gravity

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Trimmer Feels 75% Lighter - Our bungee-action shoulder strap absorbs the weight & the down-force that a standard trimmer strap cannot, making your yard work a breeze without breaking your back . It feels like you are in Zero Gravity! The trimmer feels WEIGHTLESS! ZERO GRAVITY BUNGEE PRO-X SYSTEM ABSORBS THE WEIGHT AND RELIEVES BODY TENSION - Our deluxe shoulder pad with its contoured cushioned design promotes stability and a backward migration of the trimmer which promotes better postural alignment. No bending, No straining!! STABILIZES THE TRIMMER TO AFFORD YOU MAXIMUM CONTROL - By making the trimmer feel lighter, you no longer "Clinch Up" which means your arms can now easily control the trimmer with more accuracy and control.