Fiesta - 6.5" Appetizer Plate - Scatter Print Cat Paws

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Your feline friend deserves to live like the royalty they are! With Fiesta Pet Scatter Print Cat Paws Multi-Colored Appetizer Plate the fur baby that rules your heart will have a dynamically designed high-quality plate to dine from that's been crafted in traditional Fiesta standards. This adorable Appetizer Plate is constructed of fully vitrified china to be odor and moisture resistant and high-heat fired with a lead-free ceramic glaze. This Cat appetizer Plate is delightfully accented by several of Fiesta most beloved colors highlighted with adorable kitty colorful kitty paw prints. Fiesta quality has no exceptions, all of their dinnerware is made proudly in the USA and is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Showing your animal friend they're the best couldn't be easier and with the frisky, and sturdy Cat Appetizer Plate they will know they have a true and special place in your life.