BedHead - Stretch Short Sleeve Shorty PJ Set - Sunny Days - Turquoise Extra Large

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BedHead - Stretch Short Sleeve Shorty PJ Set - Sunny Days - Turquoise Extra Large

In 1998, designer Renee Claire founded the boutique sleepwear brand known as BedHead Pajamas. Our brand is designed in Los Angeles, with our flagship store being located in West Hollywood. We take pride in pairing one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn, prints with cotton-rich sleepwear. The brands’ special tribute to Earth Day 2020 was to introduce our new, go forward, sustainable approach- from April 2020 onward, our sleepwear will be made with organically-grown cotton and constructed with eco-friendly materials and trims. You can learn more about our environmentally friendly efforts here. Most commonly known for our whimsical and unique prints, our team pulls inspiration from our West Coast surroundings to create prints that are universal, conversational, and most importantly, cheerful. The natural fibers and quality of our pajamas will promote a peaceful night in, while also allowing our customers to express themselves through a comical novelty or an elegant floral print. Our brands' distinct aesthetic is often sought after for being a perfect, personalized, gift option. BedHead Pajamas is appropriate for all ages and sizes. Our mission is to encourage loved ones to join together, get cozy in our quirky sleepwear and create memories with loved ones that will last a lifetime.