Droll Yankees 344318 DCF Dorothys Cardinal Platform Feeder, Birdseed, Fruit, Suet, or Mealworms, 15-Inch

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The Droll Yankees Dorothy’s Cardinal Dome Bird Feeder is equipped with a 15-inch-diameter clear dome that provides birds and seed protection from the elements without obstructing your view. You can move the dome up or down the 16-inch brass rod to control the size of birds accessing the feeder. The 13-inch-diameter feeding platform can hold up to 1 pound of seed, fruit, suet, or mealworms and has drainage holes to keep food fresh. The dome and platform are made durable polycarbonate that is UV-stabilized to prevent yellowing over time. You can hang the feeder, or you can pole-mount it via its threaded base. Made in the USA, the Droll Yankees Dorothy's Cardinal Domed Bird Feeder is backed by a lifetime warranty against squirrel damage.